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WNC18: Jones proud of his players

WNC18: Jones proud of his players

WEFA World Nations Cup 2018

Eboria NT Head Coach Tony Jones has come out in support of his player’s achievements in this years WEFA World Nations Cup. Eboria made it put of a group containing Belgium, Italy and Australia. They beat Costa Rica in the last 16, before going out to Brazil in the Quarter-finals.

“I am so proud of this group of players. this squad worked so hard for each other and it paid off- getting out of a very difficult group. To lose to Brazil? there was no shame in it. ”

He added that he is going to be speaking to the CEFA executive committee soon to talk about his future- stating ” I am still up for this challenge, to take us further, so with their support- I’ll happily try to steer us to China in 2022.”


Eboria and Marida show off their World Nations Cup kits in friendly matches

Eboria NT | Marida NT | 2018 Kits

Eboria launched both their home and away kits this week, showing them off in friendly matches against Japan and Panduras. Eboria won both matches (4-0 against Panduras, 3-1 against Japan).


Marida also showed off their Nike kits, with wins against Finland and Venezuela.


Both teams will be excited to be playing at this summer’s WEFA World Nations Cup in Spain & Portugal

IC3: Eboria claim third place over Spain (PKs)

IC3: Eboria claim third place over Spain (PKs)

WEFA Intercontinental Champions Cup | 3rd Place Play-off | Lisbon

Spain_150px  SPAIN  1-1  EBORIA 150px-Flag_of_the_EborianRepublic2015
(EBORIA 4-2 on PKs)

Eboria claimed a historic third-place in the IC3, beating the co-hosts Spain in the play-off for third place on penalties. It was 1-1 after normal time, after extra time, so the deadlock was decided via shoot-out. Matt Murphy scored an equaliser in the second half, following Spain leading through Alvaro Morata, again.

After a scoreless extra-time period, in which the hosts were down to ten-men after a reckless Sergio Ramos foul earned him a straight red, Eboria held their nerve in the shoot out. They scored all four penalties, whilst the Spanish missed two. Sol Harrison scored the decisive kick.

Tony Jones’s men have proved themselves worthy of entry to this tournament, with two wins, two draws and 1 defeat in the five games, with a bonus of the penalty shoot out win tonight.

Although all eyes will rightly be on the final between Chile and Portugal, Eboria will have given notice that they are for real, with next summer’s World Nations Cup a priority.

Eboria: Ferguson, Holland, Ayandele (C), Givens, Cooper, Mills, Harrison, Langford (sub Murphy), Wilcox (sub Carter), Marshall (sub Baric), Thomas.

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IC3: Chile too hot for Eboria in Semi-final

IC3: Chile too hot for Eboria in Semi-final

WEFA Intercontinental Champions Cup | Semi-Finals | Camp Nou, Barcelona

chile_flag_px  CHILE  3-1  EBORIA 150px-Flag_of_the_EborianRepublic2015

Eboria’s run in the IC3 came to an end in Barcelona tonight. Chile, led by Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal were just too strong for Eboria on the night. Eboria had been without playmaker Matt Murphy and lost Buckhalter and Myers to injuries before half-time.  Continue reading “IC3: Chile too hot for Eboria in Semi-final”