Other Nations

The other nations in this blog are the ones in real life (so I leave them to their own devices, other than international tournaments- ha ha!) and also the seven other made-up nations. Four of them are part of ‘Grand Eborias’- the continental land mass:

aguadorsmall  AGUADOR  Aguardor_FAF_logo2017(256px)

Language: Spanish | Population: 9 Million | Capital: San Marcos
Football Federation: Federacion Aguador de Futbal (FAF)

Top Clubs: Bocamanga, Cháves CF, Florencia, Galencia, Independiente, Internacional, Deportivo Maragoza, Club Panteras.

The Aguadorians are very passionate about their football (and baseball too!). The hottest of the Grand Eborias, Aguador has a warm and generally pleasant climate- with occasional droughts and floods. The Aguadorian Superliga is armed with some very good teams. Many Aguadorians end up playing abroad to get to the highest level. Juan Pablo Sisco and Osvaldo Gutierrez are two of the players to play in La Liga in Spain.

anderlandsmall   ANDERLAND AVB_logo2017(512px)

Language: Dutch | Population : 1.5 Million | Capital: Nieuw Amsterdam
Football Federation: Anderlandisch Voetbal Bond (AVB)

Top Clubs: Totterdam SV, Oranje SV, PVC Rosendam, Willemsburgh SV

Anderlanders, also known as the Andutch (Anderland-Dutch) are people that originally came from the Netherlands to the Eborias. A small country, the coldest in the Eborias is located to the north-east of Eboria. The Andutch have lots of very skillful players, who often play abroad due to the low-standing of the national league. The four top teams compete in the ESL and NLS systems in Eboria. Only Totterdam have played more than one season in the ESL, returning for 2017-18.

lataniasmall   LATANIA Latania_LFA2000(128px)

Language(s) Italian (main), French and Spanish | Population: 8 Million |
Capital: Rosano
Football Federation: Latania Football Associazione (LFA)

Top Clubs: Filadelfia, Giapoli, SS Juvenese, CF Milazio, Rosano Centrale

Latania is a mainly Italian influenced country, but with little pockets of French and Spanish built up in certain areas. Latanians have always been very competitive, especially in the CONCAFA club competitions- CF Milazio, Rosano Centrale and Juvenese have been long-term contenders. ‘Super Mario’ Mario Lotti had been playing in Italy, but has returned to Rosano Centrale on loan for the 2016-17 season.

maridasmall   MARIDA CMF_Logo1

Language: Portuguese | Population: 10 Million | Capital: Mardis
Football Federation: Confederacão Marida de Futebol (CMF)

Top Clubs: Bragadora, Atlético Mardis, Real Mardis, São Luis, Sporting Mardis, Nova Porto, RC Santos

Marida is a football-obsessed country. The Portuguese-speakers have lots in common with the samba of Brazil and the European culture of Portugal. Regularly competing for the top prizes in international and club competitions, the recent team outing, where they lost to Eboria in the final was seen as a golden team. With Strikers Rolando and Carlos Ricardo playing in Europe (and Carlosinho only recently returning) there is lots of experience and flair to come from this team.

Then, there’s the African nation:

zumandasmall   ZUMANDA  Zumanda2017(512)

Language: Zumandan & English | Population: 3.9 Million | Capital: Napoó
Football Federation: Zumandan Football Federation (ZFF)

Top Clubs: Royal Napoó, Heartland City, Olympiqué Napoó, Napoó United


The Asian nation:

bahraqas   BURAQAS

And finally the Pacific-Oceanian nation:

reishasmall   REISHA

Language(s): Réishan & English | Population: 2 Million | Capital: Theeba

Buraqas have never won anything on the international stage and are currently experiencing a civiil war, following a military coup, followed by years of resitance and rebellion. Zumanda were African Cup champions in 2008. Réisha were Oceania Champions in 2007 & 2011.