Eborian Soccer Pyramid

There are 72 teams in the four levels of the National Eborian Soccer Pyramid. This is then moved down to regional leagues.

  1. Eborian Super League (ESL)
  2. National League Soccer (NLS): National League- Premier (NLP)
  3. NLS: National League One (NL1)
  4. NLS: National League Two (NL2)
  5. Regional/State Leagues

Originally soccer was played regionally- teams only came together in the Copa Eboria (then known as the Eborian Challenge Cup). The Association Football League (AFL) wa formed in the 1950s and grew to some 64 teams and four divisions.

In 1988, as a precursor to what happened in England in 1992, the top sixteen teams left the AFL and formed the Eborian Super League (ESL). The AFL continued with three divisions and promotion and relegation continued through the two leagues.

In 1994 the AFL disbanded and a new system was formed by the remaining 48 clubs- National League Soccer, with the divisions (tiers) called NLS1, NLS2 and NLS3. The league expanded to 54 teams in 1996, including four teams from neighbouring Anderland.

The ESL fluctuated between 18-20 teams during the 00s, with the rest being in NLS. Ther ESL standardised itself in 2011 with 18 teams. The NLS continued as it was until 2012, when it re-branded the leagues to National League-Premier (NLP), National League One (NL1) and National League Two (NL2)