CONCAFA (Confederation Of North & Central American Football Associations) is the organisation that covers the Grand Eborias, with the Caribbean, Central and North America.

CONCAFA oversee the domestic competitions, making sure they fit in with the WEFA standards and hold the annual championship for clubs and now quadrennial international tournaments. CONCAFA currently gets four qualifying slots at the WEFA World Nations Cup.

The two main CONCAFA Tournaments are:


CONCAFA Champions League: the annual tournament consisting of the top teams in the region, playing group stages and then two-legged knock-out stages until the one-off final.

2015-16 Champions: SS Juvenese (Latania)

CONCAFA Nations Cup: All CONCAFA Nations take part in the qualifying process to select the 16  nations that compete in this quadrennial tournament.

Current Champions: Eboria (CNC 2016, as hosts)

The organisation also host a number of tournaments for the different classes/styles of football. The top others of note are:

CONCAFA Women’s Cup:

Current Champions: USA (won as hosts in 2013)

CONCAFA Under-23 Championships:

Current holders: Mexico (won in 2015)