Has IC3 upped likelihood Eborians will move to Europe?

Has IC3 upped likelihood Eborians will move to Europe?

The performance of the Eborian Men’s National Team has surely caused a bit of a stir in the transfer market. The shock third place finish really showcased the first XI talent (though AJ was missing!). How does this affect the market value and chances of a move to Europe? Let see…

Likely to go?

Henry Thomas WF/ST

Thomas is pacey, agile and quick-minded. A goalscorer up front for Adelphia Arsenal, he plays as a Wide Forward for Eboria, on either flank. He looked sharp and his versatility would suit many teams. Probably more suited to Germany/Holland, but could enf up in England.

Andre Cooper RB

Cooper is a sure-fire move. The sticking point will be the price, as it will have risen following his sharp performances in the IC3. Could develop into a world-class full back. That will entice many elite teams to a least take a second look. Deserves the right to be pick as to where he ends up.

Jake Carter LW/WF

Carter showed tenacity and skill, deposited on the left flank for the tournament. Having been amongst the goals this past season, his value is rising quickly. Reminds scouts of Joe Cole (but stable, we must say!). New Jorg may have a battle on their hands to keep him.

Staying Put/Not sure?

Roman Baric CF

After two years back in his homeland, the prodigal striker has been reborn. Written off as a petulant trouble maker from his time in Europe, Roman has found some inner peace and self-control since being under Darren Berkowitz’s wing at ALFA. He has some Zlatan-esque talent, along with a Cantona-esque temper. Euro-snobs will say he will bottle it again. but ALFA have slapped a ß75m price tag on him, which will likely put most suitors off. ALFA want to keep him anyway.

Matt Murphy AM

Murphy was the key playmaker in both this year’s and last year’s tournaments. He has already stated that he wants to stay home for this season, maybe moving after the World Nations Cup if it feels suitable. Lost his confidence his last time in Europe, so is a little weary of trying it again. Age is also a concern.

Sol Harrison CM

Harrison is box-to-box midfielder who is only just back from missing multiple months due to a knee injury. There are question marks over his durability. If these are answered positively, he will surely be caught up in the Summer 2018 transfer talk. Needs one more season to show fitness and durability before big investment arrives.

Mike Mills DM

Mike Mills is a leader on and off the field. Both ALFA and Eboria look different, more composed and comfortable when he is there. Certainly added to his stock value this summer, although he is said to be concentrating on his young family (one son and one daughter) and unwilling to unsettle them at this time.

Note: We’ve not included Busch, Ayandele, Buckhalter and Holland as they surely won’t be moving abroad this late into their careers.


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