Mowabé fronts Supreme Soccer 7

Mowabé fronts Supreme Soccer 7

ESL Video Games | Supreme Sports

Adelphia Arsenal’s captain Jerome Mowabé is starring on the cover of  the latest Supreme Sports soccer video game: Supreme Soccer 7. Also featured once again, is Melborg and National Team player Matt Murphy.

Supreme Soccer 7 is the exclusive licensed video game for the ESL and CONCAFA Champions League tournaments. It also features licensed national teams for Aguador, Anderland, Eboria, Marida, Latania and Zumanda. It also features Eboria’s second tier National League Soccer- NLP (National League Premier) as well as the Copa Eboria.

Available from August 1st, Supreme Soccer 7 is the game for the authentic ESL experience!


The game features realistic gameplay and authentic kits for all ESL teams.

Key features include:
– All 18 ESL teams in fully licensed ESL
– All 18 National League Soccer- NLP teams
– Officially licensed CONCAFA Champions League mode, from group stages to final.
– All 18 teams in fully licensed Primeiro Divisao
– All 16 teams in fully licensed Superliga de Aguador
– Top licensed teams from Latania’s Lega Uno
– International Licenses for Aguador (FAF), Anderland (AVB), Eboria (CEFA), Latania (LFA), Marida (CMF), Réisha (FFR) and Zumanda (ZFF)
– Play as one of 75 international teams
– Commentary from the legendary team of Stuart Mortensen & Eddie Noble



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