IC3: Chile too hot for Eboria in Semi-final

IC3: Chile too hot for Eboria in Semi-final

WEFA Intercontinental Champions Cup | Semi-Finals | Camp Nou, Barcelona

chile_flag_px  CHILE  3-1  EBORIA 150px-Flag_of_the_EborianRepublic2015

Eboria’s run in the IC3 came to an end in Barcelona tonight. Chile, led by Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal were just too strong for Eboria on the night. Eboria had been without playmaker Matt Murphy and lost Buckhalter and Myers to injuries before half-time. 

Alexis bagged two goals, after Vargas had given them the early lead. Sanchez’s first came minutes into the second half restart, deflating a good start to the second period for Eboria.

Eboria did grab some hope back, by pulling one goal back just before the hour. Sol Harrison grabbed his first international goal , with a flying header after Henry Thomas had broken through the Chilean flanks to cross in. Just six minutes later, following Baric missing a good chance, Sanchez put the game beyond any doubt with Chile’s third. Through Alexis and Arturo Vidal, Chile had proved far too strong for the makeshift Eborian defence. The Golden Stars will be proud of their performances, with a great chance to make their first ever third place in a WEFA tournament (for the Men’s teams).

Chile will face co-hosts Portugal in the Final this coming weekend. Eboria will play the other co-hosts, Spain for third place. Following the 1-1 draw in the opener, this could go either way, as could the final of the IC3. Head Coach Tony Jones said he was proud of his squad, saying “Hats off to Chile, they were the better side, but we did give them a few scares. Sol Harrison and Mike Mills were immense today. Roman [Baric] and Henry [Thomas] ran themselves ragged. We’re not gonna have our heads down. We want third place now!”

Eboria: Busch, Buckhalter (sub Holland), Ayandele (C), Myers (sub Givens), Cooper, Mills (sub Marshall), Harrison, Langford, Carter, Thomas, Baric.


Sol Harrison celebrates his first international goal, coming from a flying header.



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