Elverpool win Copa!

Elverpool win Copa!

Copa Eboria 2017 | Amorgan Celtic vs Elverpool

everborg2017_v2256px   ELVERPOOL               3

(Eriksen 28, Johnson 80, Heinz 89)

amorganv1   AMORGAN CELTIC   1

                    (Eduardo 44)

Elverpool claimed their seventh Copa in a late surge of activity. Late strikes from Aaron Johnson and Axel Heinz put the tie beyond any doubt.

Amorgan threatened early on, with Ellis and Eduardo forcing saves from young ‘Pool keeper Button. Elverpool took that in their stride and took that advantage through a long-range Eriksen free kick. It was 1-0 at half-time.

Amorgan equalised nine minutes into the second-half, with top scorer Eduardo getting on the end of some fine work from Cameron and Connor Kennedy on the flank. Both teams settled into a low-energy funk for around twenty minutes. Perhaps the heat had got to them, or that it was the end of a long season. In the end, Elverpool rose above the mediocrity and Aaron Johnson was fed excellently from Captain Scott Bradshaw, he fired past Ferguson in the Amorgan goal.

With Amorgan chasing for an equaliser, Elverpool caught the Celtic on a counter-attack. Forgotten man, Axel Heinz, started the break and fed into Eriksen, who passed on to Johnson. Johnson beat the defender and pulled the ball back to Heinz, who flicked the ball with his heel past Ferguson. A perfect and impudent finish to the game.

Elverpool Captain Scott Bradshaw lifted the cup and the team partied. The Player of the game was Aaron Johnson.




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