ALFA bid farewell to Zéca: Midfield Genius!

ESL | ALFA | Zéca

Zéca’s decade of delight at ALFA has come to an end. The Brazilian midfielder finished off as an ESL champion. He is said to be going back to Brazil, before deciding on his future options. Zéca, 35, is not sure if he is totally finished with football just yet. Full name José Antonia Carlos da Silva, Zéca to us at the ESL, leaves behind a legacy- thrilling fans with perfect passes, exquisite chips and subtle genius. He will go down as a club legend, that’s for sure.

His resume for his ten seasons at ALFA is impressive:

3 x ESL Champion
1 x Champions League winner
1 x Copa Eboria winner

2 x ESL Player of the Season (POTS) Award winner

Players, coaches and fans have been responding with #ThankyouZéca  trending. Thank you for the great memories, Zéca.


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