Melborg and Olympians Sack Coaches


Reports have come in that both Melborg FC and Olympians AC have sacked their Head Coaches following the conclusion of the 2016-17 ESL campaign.

Melborg’s Jean-Pierre Lévesque (JPL) failed to deliver on a top-four place for the second consecutive year and reports were in that there were rifts in the locker room, with reported bust-ups with JPL and Mark van Boschkamp and Mike Murphy. USN reported that local sources had said that it was a us or them stand-off – and the coach lost.

Favourites for the job are already up- Melborg and Eboria legend player David Wilkerson, Ron Gillet and Tony Jones named as hot picks.

Olympians hired Patrick Brady to steady the ship following an early season implosion from the defending champions. It seemed that he had done just that, going undefeated in his first ten games in charge. However, they proved to be inconsistent down the stretch and Olympians were said to have lost faith in his ability to steer the ship going forward.

Olympians are reported to be considering Jones or JPL as their new Head Coach.


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