Angel blow home lead to NJ!

Eborian Super League Round-up | Round 31

The final midweek of the campaign saw a few tired teams, dropping points as the league title race heats up. At the bottom Pottsburgh and Carlton are fighting it out for survival as Hilsborough and Victoria run out of games


Angel failed to cash in on their momentum of the weekend as they gave up three second half goals to fall to New Jorg United. Angel opened with a goal from Alex van der Kamp and looked assured in their play. Chris Miller must have given United the hairdryer treatment at halftime, as a very different New Jorg side emerged for the second half.
Andre Williams, Jake Carter and Kevin Kelly all finished off excellent chances as the Angel defence lost their composure. It leaves the title race very wide open!


ALFA will be kicking themselves after failing to win this Landor derby. Olympians twice came from behind to level this game. Coach Daniel Berkowitz knows this is the type of game that championships can be won and lost on.


Adelphia could not undo a spirited performance by a well-organised Hammers team. Harteford stuck to their gameplan, even after Henry Thomas had struck (his 19th league goal of the season) with a low shot. The away side’s persistence paid off with 30 minutes to go, when Marty Collins shot from outside the box. The shot took a slight deflection off David Ayandele and past ‘keeper Alberto. Playing four up front for the last ten minutes didn’t work for Adelphia Arsenal, who were missing the suspended Ryan Givens and Luis Velasquez.

Other Results:

Amorgan Celtic 1-0 San Andreas Spirit
Hallas Hotspurs 4-0 Seafax Strikers
Hillsborough 1-2 Pottsburgh Athletic
LSG 1-1 Elverpool
Melborg 1-0 Oakland Forest
Victoria AC 1-1 Carlton


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