NLP Round-up: Promotion favourites

With three rounds left to be played, who are the favourites to replace AC Victoria and the two other relegated teams for the 2017-18 season?

NL Premier Standings

1st   Totterdam SV        68 pts
2nd FC Coratia              65 pts
3rd Rochester United  64 pts
4th Mayona City           61 pts
5th Dunderry United  57 pts

totterdam_sv_2017256pxTotterdam SV

Anderland’s top team, the only one of the four in the Eborian system in the top two tiers. Will be a massive step-up for this team, having showed grit and determination as they fend off the challenge of the Eborian rivals.

FC Coratia(logo3)-360px   FC Coratia

Despite being from the tiny island of Coratia, this new kid on the block has surprised many with their attractive style of play. Owned by a billionaire businessman, this tiny outfit has been punching above its weight, with money showing the way as they run for their first try at top-flight football.

Rochester_United   Rochester United

Looking to get back where they belong, Rochester have been close the past few years- only to fall short in the final rounds. Have experience in the side and goals in abundance. Will be favourites to ride out the final stages this time around.

MayonaCity2017(skyblue)-256px   Mayona City

The beach-ball city has finally found itself a new rhythm again. Looking to bring back the days of glory to the City side that favours youth and organisation in its approach to the game. Structured team, rarely strays from its 4-4-2 rigid blocks of four and two up-front.

2017_Dunderry_United_FC   Dunderry United

Aiming to get back to their glory days of the ESL, Dunderry have a big hill to climb to get back in the running. Outstanding at home this season, have lost too many goals on their travels to be in the top three. with two away games left, their ability to travel may hold the rest of their fate this season.


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