GOTW: New Jorg vs Adelphia

ESL Round 23| Top of the table clash



The game between two of the top three sides in the ESL ended goalless today. Both teams had good chances to win the game, especially late in the second half. Both goalkeepers performed admirably. The shared point means more for Adelphia, as ALFA had already drawn on Saturday night 1-1. Adelphia Arsenal remain two points clear at the top of the table.  Henry Thomas and Eddie James went close in the late stages for the hosts, whilst the visitors managed late efforts from Kevin Kelly and Jake Carter, the latter requiring a goal-line clearance from Ayandele.

The possession was split, the cards (two each) and offsides were all the same. Nothing between these two giants today.

With eleven games to go there is still plenty to play for, so coaches Frank Lebeau and Chris Miller will have not given up anything at this stage. Elverpool are lurking in fourth place, with Aaron Johnson already having scored 17 league goals this season- they can’t be counted out of the race either. This title run-in should last the course.

Adelphia (4-1-3-2): Alberto, Cooper, Givens, Henrique, Ayandele, Mowabé (c), Bartowski (sub James), Mora, Gbaja-Muamba (sub Wilcox), Thomas, Martinez (sub Velasquez).

New Jorg (4-4-2): Lemmon, Kalenko, Solomon, Kranic, Dawkins, Korsten (c), Wall (sub Robson), Carter, Odonkwa, Ameche, Williams (sub Kelly).



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