Top of the table clash: ALFA vs Adelphia

As we reach round 20 of the ESL this weekend, we have a clear contender for the potential game of the week: ALFA vs Adelphia Arsenal… the top two teams in the league battling it out.

Adelphia will be without Jerome Mowabé, ALFA without Lauren Féyembé and Abou Diarra; all due to African Cup international commitments). Both teams will still be putting out very strong sides on Saturday afternoon.

Frontmen Roman Baric and Henry Thomas have both been banging the goals in for the teams, the defences have both been sturdy. Something has got to give and as there’s not much between the two teams- we are expecting a draw. Probably 1-1, although the attacks could surprise us, especially without Diarra and Mowabé fulfilling their defensive midfielder roles. Can Mills and Bartowski cover them? Will that mean the attacking side of things is not so potent? We await this top of the table clash with a firm sense of intrigue.

Who are you picking? #ALFAvsADE #ESL16-17




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