ESL Returns this weekend!

ESL Round 18 | 2016-17 Season

After a month of being away from us, the ESL returns with round 18 this weekend. Teams warmed up in the Copa Eboria, to differing results. There will be some new/old faces in the line-ups as the transfer window is still up and running. Here’s the rundown of the games:

Friday 20 Jan 2017

Seafax Strikers vs Adelphia Arsenal (8.00)

The high-flying Strikers will have to set out wisely to take points off the lead leaders. Adelphia will be without Mowabé and Bartowski, but otherwise pretty strong. Can Seafax get a positive result to kick-start the second-half of the campaign?

Saturday 21 Jan 2017

Angel vs ALFA

Potential game of the week, this one. Angel and ALFA are both fighting it out at the top of the table, Angel dropped points at the end of 2016, so will be looking to start 2017 at the right pace. ALFA coach Berkowitz may need to change tactics, but they are very, very good away from home.

Plus: Landor St. George vs Hallas
Amorgan vs Elverpool
Harteford Hammers vs Carlton
Victoria vs Pottsburgh Atheltic

Sunday 22 Jan 2017

Olympians vs Melborg

A quality match-up. Who would have thought these teams would be so low at the re-start? Olympians and Melborg have brought players in. Harrison is injured, van Boschkamp unavailable for Melborg . Olympians will have Conceicao ready and able to start. There should be goals (I know that’s the kiss of death!)

New Jorg United vs Hillsborough

New Jorg need to keep up the challenge at the top of the table, Hillsborough know they are now in the now-or-never stakes for lifting themselves out of trouble. If results don’t go their (Boro’s) way soon, they’ll be out of the league. United can rely on a full strenght line-up for this game. It’s all on the line!

Plus:  San Andreas vs Oakland Forest


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