DarDo Bids For Hernandinho

Former Olympians Head Coach Dario “DarDo” Dominguez has reportedly made a bid for his old club’s unsettled midfield maestro Hernandinho, ESL Online understands.

Dominguez, newly installed as Head Coach of former Maridian super-club Réal Mardis, is trying to build a new team. He has reportedly been offered $100m to spend on players. Hernandinho was ESL young player of the season last year, but his form dipped due to homesickness and a loss of confidence. DarDo believes he can reprise his playmaker role in his new Mardis team. The team is already looking good with young stars coming through, including Félix Junior.

Although Marida is not really any closer to his Brazilian homeland than Eboria, there is a believed 100,000 Brazillian population in the Maridian capital. He might just feel more at home in a Brazilian-Portuguese speaking country.

Olympians offered no comment to us when we asked them.


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