GOTW: Copa Eboria 3rd Round (Adelphia vs Angel)

GOTW: Copa Eboria 3rd Round (Adelphia vs Angel)

Copa Eboria 3rd Round | Adelphia Arsenal vs Angel FC

adelphiaarsenal2k152   ADELPHIA ARSENAL 3
angelfcbluegold1 ANGEL   1

In a prime-time Saturday night match-up, Adelphia and Angel played a very competitive cup-tie. After a first-half stalemate, Adelphia took control with two quick goals, from Henry Thomas and Eddie James. Félipé pulled one back with nine minutes remaining, but getting caught on the counter, CB Holland felt he had no chance but to handle the through pass between Velasquez and Thomas, earning him a red card. Velasquez converted the sport kick to seal the victory for the home side.

Both teams were missing stars- Mowabé was on African Cup duty and Giovanni and Morgan were injured for Angel. Angel Coach Marcos Antonio Bautista shocked many a pundit by playing Carlos Súarez up front on his own- with Félipe just behind, van der Kamp and Jackson on the flanks. It was to be a frustrating day for Suárez.

Adelphia had positioned Bartowski deeper than normal, with Eddie James coming in for their captain. new-kid-on-the-block Jordan Wilcox replaced Gbaja-Muamba. It was another impressive outing for the teenager- with another assist in the Thomas goal.

ADE Thomas 50, James 57, Velasquez (pen) 89
ANG Félipe 81

Adelphia  Head Coach: Lebeau (4-1-3-2):
Bellic, Henrique, Ayandele, Givens (sub Rimmel 72), Cooper, Bartowski (c), James, Cesar (Sub Mora 80), Wilcox, Thomas, Velasquez

Angel FC  Head Coach: Marcos Antonio Bautista. (4-2-3-1)
Cooper, Holland (s/o 88), Richardson, Gilberto Santos (Sub Swenson 54), Petrosyan, Collinson (c), Johnson (Sub Cornell 62), van der Kamp, Félipé, Jackson, Suárez


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