JPL Fuming at Holly’s challenge on Harrison

Copa Eboria | ALFA | San Andreas Spirit

Melborg Head Coach Jéan-Pierre Lévesque was furious at officials for not sending off San Andreas Spirit‘s midfielder Scott Holly after his horrendous looking double footed challenge on Melborg debutant  Sol Harrison. Harrison had to be escorted off the pitch for treatment just before halftime. He never came out for the second half and is awaiting x-ray and scan details.

“You can’t tell me that none of them didn’t see that, can you? I mean, at least one saw it, him going in with studs showing and almost breaking Sol’s ankles. How on earth do you not send the guy off? There’s no place on the soccer field for a tackle like that. He has to go, he just has to”.

Referee Michael Steele said afterwards that he though that Holly had made contact with the ball first , so the dangerous challenge only warranted a caution. Having seen a replay afterwards, he admitted that he may not have made contact with the ball first.

Holly was not made available to the press immediately after the game for comment.


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