W2W4: Copa Eboria 3rd Round

Copa Eboria | ESL teams enter the knockout competition

The Winter break ends this weekend, with a gentle round of knockout football! Just kidding, it’s the one and only Copa Eboria (the Eborian Challenge Cup).

The tie of the round, without a shadow of a doubt, is Angel’s trip to Adelphia Arsenal on Saturday Evening. These two sides don’t like eachother, with a history of on-pitch violence, or mischievousness in the past few years (Handball, anyone? Diving for penalties, anyone?).  Angel will be missing Giovanni up front, as he is nursing a groin injury and won’t be back for at least another week. Adelphia will be missing midfield destroyer Jerome Mowabe- off on African Cup duty. Adelphia Head Coach Frank Lebeau and Angel’s Marcos Antonio Bautista have also exchanged unpleasantries recently. Should be a cracking game.

Other ties this weekend to look out for are:

Friday Night: Oakland Forest vs ALFA (missing Diarra & Féyembé)
Saturday: Melborg FC vs San Andreas Spirit, Olympians vs Chakota Red Stars
Sunday: Caligara FC vs Derbenham City, Elverpool vs Weston Villa (giant-killers?)

For the first three rounds, there are replays in case of a draw after 90 mins. From the fourth round onwards, it’ll be extra-time and penalties.


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