Xfer Xchange: ESL Rumours

With teams currently re-building and readying for the restart. following the ESL Winter break, the transfer speculation is the main news item. The current buzz around the ESL, during the transfer window is:

New Jorg want Amorgan‘s Harry Ferguson. Jeff Lemmon is getting on a bit now and has made a few mistakes. Amorgan’s young shot-stopper is highly rated. They might have a fight on their hands with Adelphia Arsenal and Melborg also said to be interested.

Elverpool are currently looking in the South American market for some bargain players.

Javier Escalalda is number one on Oakland Forest‘s list to replace the now departed Sol Harrison. The south-american midfielder is said to be interested in jumping on board.

Félipe will have to wait until the end of the season to leave Angel FC and go back to Nova Porto. The Landor club are said to want the player to remain for the ESL/CCL  campaigns – and Nova Porto may be an opponent in the CCL.

Latanian super striker Mario Lotti will snub a loan move to the ESL, to rejoin his Rosano Centrale team-mates. Currently stuck in no-mans land in Italy, ‘Super Mario’  is ready to come back on loan to maintain fitness, sharpness and his love for the game. If he moves to Rosano, he will be eligible for their CCL knock-out phase campaign.


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