2016: ESL Players of the Year

2016 featured some great individual and team play. There were some individual efforts that really made a difference in 2016. We’ve excluded the play in internationals, so Roman Baric’s supreme summer doesn’t count here (sorry, but that’s the way it is!)

Here’s our top three ESL players of 2016:

3. Jerome Mowabé (DM- Adelphia Arsenal)
The Captain of Adelphia led by example in 2016, with supreme shutdown performances in both the ESL and CCL. Even at times when the Arsenal were without David Ayandele at CB, Jerome showed he could lead the line and read the game like a boss. He leads the ESL in intercepted passes in 2016, he just shuts down so many plays with his endless running and positional awareness.

2. Sol Harrison (CM- Oakland Forest)
Another captain, binding a team together and leading by example. He scored at crucial times last season, giving rise to the Oakland Forest challenge. This season, where others around him lost their heads a little, Harrison pulled his socks up and led the fightback, again scoring crucial goals. His goal-line clearance against ALFA displayed what he means to the team- and what they may well be losing with a move away on the cards.

Honourable Mentions: Brazilians Hernandinho and Nelinho were going to be shoo-ins, but their falls from grace this winter stopped this. Rolando left this summer, he was a top three guy based on 2015-16. Roman Baric is transforming ALFA up front. ALFA midfielder Mike Mills was also truly amazing- but who wants three midfielders in your top three? 😉


1. Mark van Boschkamp (CF- Melborg FC)
MVB saved Melborg’s bacon in early 2016 and has kept them on pace to remain in the hunt on 2017. The 14 goals in the first half of 2016 and 10 in the second half, have been invaluable to Jean-Pierre Lévesque’s side. Consistently good, also ending the year with the only goal of the game against Adelphia Arsenal, showing a true poacher’s instinct.


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