2016: Teams of the Year

2016: Teams of the Year

The ESL has seen some great teams in 2016, from Olympians supreme run-away with the 2015-16 ESL, Angel FC being almost as dominant, Adelphia’s cup runs and start to 2016-17. It has been a vintage crop. However, one team stands out for their achievements- THE SEAFAX STRIKERS!

The Strikers were a third-tier team only four years ago. Since making their way to the second-tier, they duly surprised everyone in 2016. First, they won promotion over teams like W.H.A., Kings Park, Derbenham and Chakota. Then, once they got to the ESL, they surprised everyone with their style and confidence.

They currently sit eighth in the ESL, level on points with mighty Melborg! They have four away wins to their name this season and have made life difficult for ALFA, Angel and Elverpool. They have a pair of 2-1 wins against Melborg and Olympians to boot!

Strikers Nick Borash and Alex Ratovic have been great up front, but the team is led by veterans Krieger and Lewis, in midfield and defence, respectively. They keep a good shape and play with  strong spine down the middle. Just as in England, the pressing game is key. This is a hard working team, that the results show is not a one-off or fluke. Goalie Steve Chambers is being looked at by many teams.

The biggest challenge that the Strikers may face in 2017 is keeping hold of their players.



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