ESL Transfer Talk: Jan ’17

The window is nearly open, can feel the breeze coming through? If you support a team with plenty to spend, you’ll be excited. If your team is looking to sell, you’ll likely be nervous!

Here’s the top transfer rumours involving ESL teams:

Sol Harrison (MF) : Oakland Forest ⇒ Melborg FC. 

Almost a done deal, so we gather. Melborg HC Jean-Pierre Lévesque knows he needs a replacement for O’Reilly. Harrison is a box-to-box midfielder. A real gem. Oakland will look to sort this early to give them time to attempt to replace their talisman.

Harrison (No.4) could be on the move

Aron Mulder (SS) : Juvenese ⇒ Melborg FC/ Elverpool

Two teams aiming for the super sub Anderlander. Juvenese may choose to hang on to him until the summer, as they attempt to defend their CONCAFA Champions League crown.
Money may talk in the end though, The ‘Borg and ‘Pool are rebuilding and both have a little cash.

Eduardo (CF)  : Filadelfia ⇒ Amorgan Celtic

Fila’s top scorer for the past 2½ seasons. We understand that the Brazillian is looking to up his challenge, Amorgan are said to have made contact already with the club and agent.

David Sanchés (CF) San Miguel CF ⇒ Hallas Hotspurs

Hallas have lacked goals up front, Sanches scores a lot of goals. They will face a challenge from Aguador’s contenders to sign him up.

Felipé (AM) Angel FC ⇒ Nova Porto 

Felipé wants to go home, the Maridian has said he is homesick and due to van der Kamp’s form- he isn’t starting. Felipé is simply still too good to be a reserve. Going back to the club where he started it all also gives the feelgood factor.



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