CCL draw: Big matches as knock-out phase beckons

CCL draw: Big matches as knock-out phase beckons

CONCAFA HQ, New York, NY | CONCAFA Champions League

The draw for the last sixteen of the CONCAFA Champions League has been made. Ties will be played in February 2017. The eight group winners were pitted against the eight group runners-up. Teams from the same group or same nation could not meet in the last sixteen. These provisions disappear after this round.

All four ESL teams made it through to the knock-out phase, with three teams winning the groups and therefore being seeded.

The Seeded teams were:
Adelphia Arsenal, ALFA, Aribe Unido, Juvenese, Olympians, Pachuca, RC Santos and UNAM.

The runners-up were:

Angel FC,  Galencia, New York Redbulls, Nova Porto, Rosano Centrale, Saprissa, UANL and Vancouver Whitecaps.

The draw was made as follows:

Adelphia Arsenal  vs  Nova Porto (MRD)
ALFA   vs  Rosano Centrale (LTA)
Aribe Unido (PAN)  vs  UANL (MEX)
Juvenese (LTA)  vs  Angel FC
Olympians  vs  Saprissa (COR)
Pachuca (MEX)  vs  New York Redbulls (USA)
RC Santos (MRD)  vs  Galencia (AGU)
UNAM (MEX)  vs  Vancouver Whitecaps (CAN)

The teams listed first were given the choice of playing the home leg first or second.

KEY:  AGU – Aguador, CAN- Canada, COR- Costa Rica, LTA – Latania, MEX- Mexico, MRD- Marida, PAN- Panama, USA – United States.


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