Review: Adelphia vs Melborg

Review: Adelphia vs Melborg

adelphiaarsenal2k152  ADELPHIA ARSENAL   0

melborg2015trans   MELBORG   1

(van Boschkamp 68)

Melborg kept their hopes of joining the top four alive by winning away in Adelphia on Sunday. The Arsenal pressure was intense for most of the game, but keeper Longwell’s agility and presence in the goal thwarted the league leaders’ best efforts.

The first half was a deadlock, with Adelphia having the upper hand but failing in the final third to get the break-through. This spurred on Melborg in the second half, who kept their shape and stayed well organised (JPL’s ALFA did this at their peak) and looked for the counter-attack. A stray ball was seized upon, forcing pressure on veteran goalie Alberto, who mis-controlled, straight into the path of dynamic goalscorer Marc van Boschkamp…GOAL!

For the last twenty minutes, Melborg effectively parked the bus. Who can blame them? Hanging on by a thread at the end, the visitors claimed all three points.

This season is only at the half-way stage and is looking very close at the top and bottom. Who can go on after the winter break to claim the crown?


Adelphia Manager: Frank Lebeau (4-1-3-2): Alberto, Givens (sub Mora 88), Ayandele, Robinson, Cooper, Mowabe (c), Bartowski (sub Velasquez 81), Luis Cesar , Gbaja-Muamba (sub Wilcox 63), Martinez , Thomas.

Melborg Manager: Jean-Pierre Levesque (4-2-3-1): Longwell, Silva, Rodgers (sub Morris 69), Brown, Aguba, Hardwick, O’Neill (c) (sub Drake 84), Rodriguez, Adebadejo, Murphy , van Boschkamp (sub Skolkjaer 90).



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