POTM/MOTM : November

Congratulations are in order to the winners of the ESL Player of the Month and ESL Manager of the Month awards- Mike Mills and Frank Lebeau, of ALFA  and Adelphia Arsenal respectively.

millsmikeeboria   MIKE MILLS (Midfielder, ALFA)

Mike has been a pivotal player in ALFA’s recent run of form, scoring two goals and setting up three. What isn’t necessarily shown is his endless running, covering for teammates and pursuit of seemingly lost causes. A true dynamo in midfield, Mike has also excelled in two games for the national team. With only a handful of games left before the Winter break, Mike has not rested up!

lebeaufrank_adelphiahc   FRANK LEBEAU (Head Coach, Adelphia Arsenal)

Frank has led a well oiled machine through a difficult, but ultimately undefeated November. He has had to juggle positions and re-order the defence and midfield. With all the changes, it is also amazing that the team have conceded only one goal. This has led Adelphia Arsenal back to the summit. That is a testament to the coaching skills of Lebeau.


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