New faces at ALFA

New faces at ALFA

ALFA have made some key acquisitions, that coach Daniel Berkowitz can utilise to get them to challenge harder for the ESL this season. A new edge to the attack should bring more goals and a more positive outlook. 

1. Roman Baric (CF) from Roma.


Roman is Eboria’s new national team frontman, hot off a great run of performances in the CONCAFA Nations Cup in June. Baric has had an on-off career, starting in the ESL as a teenager and then going off to Europe. unfortunately, as is the case with some supremely talented playmakers, Roman has lost self-control on and off the pitch. It got him thrown out of England and Spain- Italy was seen as a fresh start. Being a peripheral player in Serie A, Berkowitz will hope he can provide the spark that the team lacked up front.
With temper in check, ALFA will have found a bargain!

2. Lauren Féyembé (LW) from Lens

Feyembe, Lauren (ALFA)

Zumandan International Lauren is a great addition to the team. With over 60 caps for his country, experience in Europe, he gives a safe feel to the left-hand side. Féyembé is hard-working and skilled winger, with a good final touch. His crosses will be looking for Baric, up front.


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